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Established in 1983, Pacific Engineering Systems International Pty Ltd, or Pacific ESI, are consultants specializing in the effective use of information technology by technical end-users such as engineers and scientists across various disciplines. We offer a unique blend of engineering, computing, management and system skills to assist you with the design, development and implementation of your software and systems so that they provide the information that you need.

We can assist at any stage, from conceptual planning through to maintenance of an operational system. Precious time and money can be wasted on poor system design or inappropriate analysis techniques. At Pacific ESI, our advice has helped clients to maximize productivity whilst minimizing their cost. With a wealth of programming expertise and real world experience at using our own and other's software, and with a capability in systems integration second to none, Pacific ESI has the knowledge and skills to help solve your technical computing problems. And, we never lose sight of the people-focused input needed in any IT system to ensure that it works the way it is expected.

ESI Group Software - Simulation Based Design

We specialize in the analysis of systems involving dynamical physical scenarios, and especially those that involve often quite complex, highly non-linear behaviour. ESI-Group's suite of software tools for which Pacific ESI is the agent throughout Australia and New Zealand were developed to address this phenomena to provide a more complete design aid to the industrial practitioner. ...more

Pic 2 A comparison of an actual and simulated frontal crash using ESI's Virtual Performance Solution provides insight into the complexity of the behaviour of a vehicle and its occupants during a high-speed impact. This same technology is equally useful for aerospace, rail, automotive and maritime applications to help end-users provide more comfortable, and more functional, and safer means of transportation to their own customers and clients. ( Courtesy of Volkswagen AG )

Research & Development - Propelling You Forward

Our close involvement with local industrial, research and academic organizations in advanced projects makes Pacific ESI your ideal partner for your industrial research in exploiting advanced simulation methods and modern web-focused software tools to give your team a competitive edge for the 21st century.