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Using a digital mock-up of the seat and of the occupant, PAM-COMFORT predicts some detailed information related to Seat Design and Manufacturing, taking into account the complex physics of materials, the multiple contacts, and the time-dependant processes. The physical parameters resulting from each stage of the chain (positions, deflections, strains and stresses) are used as an input to the following one, in order to ensure a high level of precision, whatever the seat and the anthropometry of the occupant.

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PAM-COMFORT scope covers all comfort components: Foam, Cover, Padding, Suspensions, Lumbar systems, Occupant detection systems, Deformable parts of the frame.

PAM-COMFORT features:

Finite Element Solvers (SMP/DMP) devoted to the simulation of:

The cushion manufacturing process (trimming): initial shape of the trim components and of the foam block (overbuilts), risk of wrinkles and bridging gaps, residual stresses inside the cushion and backset.

The occupant positioning process: prediction of the exact position of any dummy or human occupant (H-Point position, backset distance), and of some comfort- related mechanical parameters (seat pressure distribution, meat-to-metal clearance, lumbar support prominence). PAM-COMFORT v. 2009 is fully compatible with PAM-CRASH and can provide the exact initial conditions for crash simulations, related to the seat and the occupant (detailed seat model, seat deflection, exact position of the occupant, initial strains and stresses and interaction forces)

The transmission of the vehicle vibrations to the occupant through the seat: prediction of the seat transfer function.

A specific Graphical User Interface:

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highly dedicated to Virtual Seat Manufacturing and Testing, and handling all the stages of the simulation chain within a unified environment.

A library of occupants:

dummies and human models, with positioning/scaling automated tools

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