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Composites & Plastics

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ESI has developed an entire suite of industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product's behavior during testing, to fine tune the manufacturing processes in synergy with the desired product performance, and to evaluate the environments impact on product usage. ESI offers an integrated solution which simulates the design, evaluation, and manufacturing of plastics and composites parts.

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SYSPLY is an advanced software for designing, analyzing and optimizing composite material structures. Composites materials offer tremendous mechanical performance for reduced weight structures. However, the high cost and complexity of designing and manufacturing composites usually offset the benefit of using these materials.


PAM-RTM is a cost effective solution to simulate liquid composite molding. It minimizes the risk of producing defective parts and helps master tool design and manufacturing process.


PAM-FORM is the first virtual manufacturing solution dedicated to non-metallic forming processes. The software was developed through industrial partnerships and projects led in various fields such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods.