Pacific ESI - Crash, Impact and Safety

Crash, Impact and Safety

For CAE crash, impact and safety professionals, ESI delivers Virtual Performance Solution, a highly versatile software suite addressing the market's need for scalable simulation solutions and Multi-Domain Optimization. Enabling the use of a single simulation model for all your performance tests, Virtual Performance Solution is comprised of implicit and explicit solvers, as well as compute models for dummy, barrier and airbag modeling, all in a single user environment.

ESI's Virtual Performance Solution combines several applications, technologies and cutting-edge options to effectively address industry challenges of accelerating time-to -market, reducing product development costs, and meeting quality targets.

Virtual Performance Solution is an all-inclusive, scalable simulation solution for linear and nonlinear static load cases. As a suite of several applications, it allows you to simulate impact and crash (PAM-CRASH), occupant safety (PAM-SAFE including fluid dynamics by FPM for airbag inflation), high velocity impact scenarios (PAM-SHOCK), optimization (PAM-OPT), as well as motion and dynamics analysis (PAM-MEDYSA).


Since the major engineering breakthrough in 1987 with the first full- scale crash simulation of a car, ESI Group has been constantly striving to deliver innovative and state-of-the art technology in crash test and safety simulation. PAM-CRASH 2G - ESI Group's flagship physics-based simulation software - today provides our customers with the versatility, product integration, quality and reliability required to bring the best product to the market.


PAM-SHOCK HVI is a nonlinear Finite Element software package which is used to simulate shock transmission and subsequent transmission responses within materials.

High Velocity Impact (HVI) simulation is used to analyze the dynamic behavior of material under very high speed impacts.


PAM-SAFE is an application-specific industrial software solution used to simulate the effects of restraint systems such as seatbelts and airbags, as well as vehicle occupants.