Pacific ESI - Multiphysics


Multi-physics solutions provide environments which allow the solution of problems involving the interaction of multiple disciplines which would normally be solved separately. ESI has a number of solutions available depending on the type of solution required.


SYSTUS is a multiphysics simulation software which brings a complete answer to analysis problems. SYSTUS is an implicit code which covers fields as diverse as civil and mechanical engineering, energy and transportation.

SYSTUS has been developed for many years in a close, creative cooperation with leading international firms. SYSTUS is an implicit code designed to be versatile and easy-to-use.

Applications of Systus include fields as diverse as Electromagnetics, Thermo-mechanics and Heat transfer.


SYSMAGNA is an electromagnetic simulation software used in the low frequency domain.

Numerical simulation techniques are of the greatest interest in connection with the design of those systems that involve such complex phenomena, and such largely intangible quantities. SYSMAGNA is a specific FE package used for the simulation of those complex electrotechnical simulations.