Pacific ESI - Simulation Systems Integration

Simulation Systems Integration

Visual Environment

Visual-Environment is an integrated suite of solutions which operate either concurrently or standalone within a common environment.

Visual-Environment aims at delivering an open collaborative engineering framework. As such, it is constantly evolving to address various disciplines and available solvers.


VisualDSS is an End-to-End Decision Support System for CAE.

Manufacturers widely resort to Simulation-Based Design to gain a competitive edge in product development.

With VisualDSS, ESI delivers the most advanced End-to- End Decision Support solution to further leverage enterprise best practices and increase the value of simulation.


Vdot™ is an Integrated Platform for Project Planning, Execution and Management.


PAM-OPT is the solution to optimize and automate costly and time-consuming trial and error design and manufacturing.

When following the conventional approach, engineers iteratively use simulation or analysis software to check design performance. Once this is completed, they move on to analyze the results, make decisions, change the model and check again the new design until an optimal solution is reached.

PAM-OPT automates this loop, handling the decision-making concerning design changes and the job submission process on a network of computers.