Pacific ESI - Hardware


Pacific ESI offers a wide range of hardware systems that can be customised to suit the needs of the end user. As well as providing hardware, Pacific ESI also design, implement and maintain different network solutions no matter what size your organisation or personal requirements. Pacific ESI specializes in high performance servers and workstations for the technical professional, be they an engineer, architect, geologist, geophysicist, mathematician, statistican, or epidemiologist. In particular it not only provides the optimal CPU performance of a system for a given budget, but also ensures that the disk storage and backup are appropriate for the task at hand.

Oracle SUN Servers & Workstations.

We are very familiar with many generations of Oracle SUN computers and the Solaris Operating System. In fact, Pacific ESI was the first commercial user of a SUN server in Australia. We can assist in the selection of new hardware, its configuration and maintenance.

Commodity PC Servers and Workstations.

We work with many brands of commodity server and workstation hardware. We can supply tailored systems ranging from small desktops to fully fledged, multi-core servers with over 10 terabytes of disk storage and over 100 megabytes of memory.

Storage Systems.

We have nearly 20 years of experience with many types of RAID storage, from external systems with dozens of drives of disk space to internal motherboard-based RAID. At the high end, we specialize in the high-availablity systems with redundant controllers and redundant power supplies and tens, even hundreds, of terabytes of disk space.

Backup Systems.

We can supply and set up many types of backup systems including BluRay DVD, tape-based and disk-based archival systems, Network Attached (NAS) RAID systems, Offsite Servers, etc.