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Pacific Engineering Systems International

The Company

There are several departments within the company, each with their own speciality, but all are intricately tied together by the multidisciplinary approach to problem solving that maximizes the benefit of their particular field of expertise for the customer. Meet the team HERE.

Software and Hardware Systems

Pacific ESI is there to help you, the technical computing professional, with our range of high performance and leading edge computing solutions. Our speciality is the upgrading of systems, whether this be to extract higher performance or enable greater capacity, to extend the life of a system, or simply to obtain more cost effective solutions.

Good quality computer systems need quality support, either for day to day operation or for critical situations, and Pacific ESI is there to help. With support solutions for your system and the way it runs such as tailored system management utilities or custom device drivers, you get a robust system that does what you want! We also handle all aspects of hardware maintenance for the systems we sell to ensure a very high level of uptime.

Engineering and Technical Applications

Across the fields of structural, geotechnical, mechanical, naval and aeronautical engineering, our team of engineers works in areas as diverse as the stress/strain behavior of materials or the dynamics of fluids. Projects range from the the crash behavior of modern modes of transportation, the forming of thin metal sheets, the behavior of structures subject to cyclonic wind loads, and the fracture of rocks.

Successful decision making and control depends on an organization's ability to efficiently and flexibly manipulate large amounts of information. Pacific ESI has developed general purpose accounting systems, membership systems, professional services time costing, billing and receipting systems, as well as road pavement maintenance systems, communications infrastructure inventory systems, and various drawing management and archival systems for both government and industrial organizations. Pacific ESI has even designed and implemented special purpose languages and translators as the most effective solutions to certain tasks.