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Our Team

The people behind Pacific ESI

Email: Damian
Ph: (02) 8571 0847

Damian McGuckin (B.Sc., B.E., M.EngSc)
Consultant and Managing Director

With over two decades of engineering experience in Australia, Switzerland and France, Damian's expertise ranges from producing intermachine communications packages, complex information technology systems employing relational databases through the application of finite element analysis to structural and geotechnical engineering and car crash and space vehicle studies.

Email: Stefan
Ph: (02) 8571 0834


Stefan Kjellberg (B.E.)

With over 20 years of experience in Australia, Switzerland and Sweden in engineering and software development and application experience ranging from crack propagation studies and analysis of underground storage systems to the development of PC based finite element programs, Stefan has branched out into relational database development and increasing the productivity of engineering analysis and design work by developing user friendly interfaces.

Email: Allen
Ph: (02) 8571 0832


Allen Chhor (B.E, M.E.)

With a wealth of non-linear finite element experience covering such diverse areas as automotive crash, and even the analysis of impact into the human eye, Allen brings a sound knowledge base in applied finite element work to the team. Allen has also been using PSI software for many years. His experience includes years in Japan and Korea applying PSI software to a wide range of industrial applications.

Email: Mark


Mark Wilton (B.E.)

With 20 years of engineering experience in Australia, France and Malaysia in the application of finite element methods to the analysis and design of a broad range of structures from offshore platforms to the conventional automobile, Mark has broadened his expertise with relational database development skills and been heavily involved with the use of CAD to improve engineering productivity.

Email: Bruce


Bruce Cartwright (B.E., M.Sc)

Working with ESI software since 1997, Bruce has a background in diverse areas of applied engineering from industrial vibration analysis to design and manufacture of composite boat structures. Bruce's composite materials experience extends to simulation of industrial manufacturing processes and simulation of destructive testing.

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