Pacific ESI - Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Pacific ESI offers consulting services in analysis of product structural performance, vehicle crashworthiness, occupant safety, computational fluid dynamics, manufacturing process testing, and process validation to name just a few specialist disciplines. We also work in the field of advanced materials, and in particular, composite materials.

The key areas in which we work involve dynamic systems where contact between different parts or objects is importanbt. More often than not, such analyses involve deforming the materials beyond their elastic limit where non-linear material behaviour must be considered. ESI Group's Virtual Performance Solution suite of software provides the ideal tool for such problems.

Additionally, Pacific ESI provides software development services for a wide range of complex technical problems in the engineering and geophysical problem space, especially where large amounts of data are concerned, and the collection, manipulation and display of such data is crucial to the end-user problem.

For further information call either Allen Chhor on (02) 8571 0832 or Damian McGuckin on (02) 8571 0847.