Pacific ESI - Engineering Research

Engineering Research

The company is a long-time supporting member of, and active participant within, the CRC-ACS, the Co-operative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures, engaging with local Australian industry in world-class, leading-edge, innovative research programs.

More recently, it has joined the DMTC, the Defence Materials Technology Centre, in a similar capacity.

Additionally, support at various levels is provided for undergraduate and postgraduate level research at Australian, New Zealand and South-East Asian universities.

The following research topics are regarded as open. Most are currently active in one form or another at Pacific ESI by our staff. Parties interested in collaboration should contact the Research Manager at Pacific ESI by email, research AT esi DOT com DOT au, replacing the AT by the '@' symbol and using a dot, or decimal point, in place of DOT.


  • Enhancement of the general Ludwik/Swift-Krupkowsky model
  • Welding of Aluminium Ship Panels
  • Virtual Repair of in-place Gantry Repair
  • Exploitation of Stamping Simulation in a Small Tool Shop


  • The behaviour of lifesavers in RIBs in strong waves
  • Comparison of CFD/SPH for sloshing and lifeboat entry applications
  • Improved sea-state representations using SPH methods
  • Bilge-Keel designs in high-slamming load environments
  • Ship-Distortion in severe seas and its effect on weapons control systems
  • Replacement-at-Sea improvements by SPH modelling
  • Ingress/Egress of landing craft to/from a well-dock
  • Sloshing in a well-dock
  • Acoustic Design of Composite Propellers (2)
  • Effect of Slamming Loads on Humans in high-speed naval craft
  • Improved Ship/Wave Interaction for Novel Hull Shapes
  • The simulation of underwater explosion
  • Seakeeping performance of Tumblehome hull forms by SPH
  • Acoustic Design of Tumblehome Hulls
  • CEM characteristics of Tumblehome Hulls
  • Cavitating hydrofoil performance


  • High Strain Rate Impact for Aerospace Structures (2)
  • The deployment of air-bags in Helicopter Ditching scenarios
  • Better Bonded Joints for Aerospace Applications
  • Whole of Life Behaviour of a Composite Aircraft
  • Fatigue of Composites Aircraft Panels


  • Biofidelic Human-Body performance in an automotive crash
  • Improved Automotive Carpeting to reduce internal noise


  • Parallelized Algorithms for Engineering Simulations
  • Robust Low Level Algorithms for Linear Vector Algebra
  • Domain Decomposition for Parallel Processing of FE Solutions
  • Web-Based Display of Finite Element Simulations
  • Compact-Mesh Descriptions of Finite Element Models