Virtual Performance for Crash & Safety Professionals

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Since the major engineering breakthrough in 1987 with the first full- scale crash simulation of a car, ESI Group has been constantly striving to deliver innovative and state-of-the art technology in crash test and safety simulation. PAM-CRASH 2G - ESI Group's flagship physics-based simulation software today provides our customers with the versatility, product integration, quality and reliability required to bring the best product to the market.

Virtual prototyping plays an increasingly important role in the product development process. Approved by the major players in the industry, it improves quality management and speeds up time-to-market. PAM-CRASH 2G, a fully integrated and efficient solution, allows consideration of manufacturing effects by chaining the simulation of casting, stamping and composites forming processes to crash simulation.

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PAM-CRASH 2G has become a standard in industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipment, electronics, and material products.

What you gain:

* The world's most widely used crash simulation software! * Leading CAE technology, enabling multi-scale modeling, advanced failure analysis and realistic airbag simulations * Highly scalable solution with minimal hardware requirements * Strong integration of multiple solving schemes (explicit, implicit, CFD) * State-of-the-art Compute Model Library * Easy to use and easy to learn * Worldwide expert support located near you

Compute Model Library

ESI Group offers a broad and fully validated compute model library comprising mainly of crash dummy models, human models and barrier models.