PAM-MEDYSA 2G is a physics-based software solution used to optimize the design and validate the performance of complex mechanical systems.

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Without conducting numerous physical tests, thanks to PAM-MEDYSA 2G, you can test simultaneously the motion dynamics and structural properties of mechanical systems such as an engine, tires, a chassis, suspensions, and machinery transmissions.

PAM-MEDYSA 2G offers a unique scalable engineering framework aimed at improving your product design while reducing development cycles. By integrating both fast motion simulation and the physics of materials, PAM-MEDYSA 2G allows engineers to evaluate the product real life performance at every stage of the design process.

PAM-MEDYSA 2G allows engineers to make critical decisions early in the design cycle as they use a global approach for fast kinematics simulation and focus, when necessary, on physics properties through a local approach. This scalable mix of technologies drastically speeds the design process as engineers iterate together on component performance until they reach the acceptance level.

With PAM-MEDYSA 2G you can:

Make critical design decisions early in the product design cycle

Eliminate hardware testing on individual components

Reduce the number of hardware prototypes

Iterate upon improvement until reaching performance criteria acceptance

Improve collaborative engineering by speeding up data sharing among task-dedicated teams.