Pacific ESI - PAM-SAFE


PAM-SAFE is an application-specific industrial software solution used to simulate the effects of restraint systems such as seatbelts and airbags, as well as vehicle occupants.

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Seatbelts are the first line of defense in automobile safety. Using PAM-SAFE Belt Generator, you can now easily and precisely model all aspects of a complete seatbelt mechanism, including sliprings, retractors, pretensioners, and their interaction with the occupant.


PAM-SAFE simulates the deployment of airbags through a range of gas-dynamic models, fabric models, and a specific contact interface. You can map and fold airbag meshes using the Airbag Folder and other PAM-SAFE pre-processing tools.

Occupant Models

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PAM-SAFE offers a variety of frontal and side-impact dummies. Simple and CPU-efficient articulated rigid-body models are meant for parametric runs, while detailed Finite Element models are intended for design verification.

Interaction with Structures

Car interiors for a complete vehicle structure can be modeled in PAM-CRASH and then fully integrated into PAM-SAFE. Side impact models include doors, padding, seats, or an entire car model. Frontal collision models may include dashboards, kneebolsters, or an entire car model.