Pacific ESI - QuikCAST


A Fast and Efficient Solution for Casting Process Evaluation

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Originally created by foundry professionals from Aluminium Pechiney in 1985, under the name of SIMULOR®, QuikCAST provides a complete industrial solution to foundries and delivers realistic predictions at each step of the casting process.

QuikCAST is a user-friendly and industry-specific software package which allows the user to simulate the entire casting process from filling to solidification including defects prediction. QuikCAST allows for the simulation of arbitrarily complex shapes. Its validated Finite Difference technology is based on powerful solvers with efficient self-correction features which result in comprehensive realistic results with high mesh independence.

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QuikCAST solves the full 3D Navier-Stokes equations coupled with Enthalpy conservation equations. Air back pressure, filters, mold roughness, thermal exchanges, die coatings and gravity are accounted for to accurately simulate most casting processes ranging from gravity sand casting to high and low pressure die casting.