Pacific ESI - Sysmagna


SYSMAGNA is an electromagnetic simulation software used in the low frequency domain.

For numerous industrial applications, the processes involved are based on electromagnetic phenomena. Examples include:

Static converters (transformers, insulators)

Electromechanical converters (motors, actuators, clutches),

Induction heating systems, and more generally, applications involving Joule effect.

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Numerical simulation techniques are of the greatest interest in connection with the design of those systems that involve such complex phenomena, and such largely intangible quantities. SYSMAGNA is a specific FE package used for the simulation of those complex electrotechnical simulations.

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What you gain:

User friendly dedicated Graphical User Interface with integrated geometry definition, powerful meshing tools, reliable and powerful solvers and a dedicated interactive graphical post-processor

Modules for stationary, transient and dynamic computation

Many and varied material description possibilities: Isotropic, anisotropic and orthotropic materials

Linear or non-linear: the user can define electric conductivity or the dielectric permittivity as a function of the field or enter a special B(H) magnetisation law

Material properties can be temperature dependant

Integration of permanent magnets

Transport terms (moving parts)

Modelling of infinite media

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You can use SYSMAGNA to display the following results:

Electric and magnetic fields

Equipotential curves

Eddy current

Streamlines and lines of force

Magnetic and electrodynamic forces

Display of saturated areas

Dissipated power (Joule-effect from current density values)

Temperature dependant physical properties

Electromagnetic forces applied to the structure

Mechanical strains

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