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VA One : The ONE simulation environment for vibro-acoustic analysis and design

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VA One is a complete solution for simulating the response of vibro -acoustic systems across the full frequency range. VA One seamlessly combines Finite Elements (FE), Boundary Elements (BEM) and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) in ONE model. It is the only simulation code on the market today that contains the complete spectrum of vibro-acoustic analysis methods within ONE common environment.

Structural FE Module

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The Structural Finite Element (FE) Module of VA One contains all the functionality you need to create and work with Finite Element structural subsystems within the VA One environment.

Create and solve for the response of structural FE subsystems entirely within VA One using the inbuilt Nastran solver and/or import existing models and results from a large variety of external FE solvers.

Acoustic FE Module

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The Acoustic Finite Element (FE) Module gives you all the functionality you need to add fully coupled FE acoustic cavity subsystems to your VA One models.

It is ideally suited for creating accurate models of enclosed acoustic cavities at low frequencies and for optimizing the low frequency performance of poroelastic noise control treatments.

Acoustic BEM Module

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The Acoustic Boundary Element Module contains all the functionality you need to model the low frequency response of bounded and unbounded fluids within the VA One environment (including Fast Multipole Boundary Elements for solving large models).

The module is the evolution of the RAYON Boundary Element solver and enables you to create accurate models of fluid loading, scattering, radiation and transmission of sound at low frequencies.

Hybrid Module

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The Hybrid Module gives you the state-of-the-art in vibro-acoustic analysis methods.

Developed as part of a long term research program by ESI, in conjunction with leading academic institutions and industrial consortia, this module enables you to create fully coupled FE/BEM/SEA models in a single analysis. The ultimate in modeling flexibility; use the right combination of subsystems to accurately model the response of your product across the entire frequency spectrum.

SEA Module

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The Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) module of VA One is the evolution of the industry standard software for mid and high- frequency noise and vibration design, AutoSEA2. The SEA module is used routinely in virtually every industry for which noise and vibration are of concern. Find out why so many companies have made ESI ssoftware a standard part of their noise and vibration design process.

Foam Module

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The Foam module expands VA One's library of materials to include advanced poroelastic materials based on full Biot theory. At low frequencies, this enables you to add "foam finite element" (PEM) subsystems to your existing VA One models and couple them to adjacent FE structure and FE acoustic subsystems. At mid and high frequencies, this enables you to integrate more advanced noise control treatment layups into your existing SEA and Hybrid models. Using the Foam module you can ensure optimal use of foams and fibers in your applications.