Pacific ESI - Vdot


Vdot™ is an Integrated Platform for Project Planning, Execution and Management.

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Vdot™ saves time and money by providing your organization with a powerful and flexible process modeling and execution platform for team collaboration.

Vdot™ increases your visibility and velocity, helping you accelerate the capture, deployment and execution of key processes for rapid improvements in efficiency and quality.

Vdot™ graphical process models are easily created by process owners themselves without the need for extensive training. They include detailed information flows which enable Vdot™ to orchestrate the execution of your processes directly from the models, without any coding.

If changes to the plan become necessary the platform is very flexible in enabling the project members to easily adapt their processes. These changes are then instantly included in the management summary information.

Vdot™ provides the increased visibility and flexibility you need to increase your team's velocity and efficiency.


Dramatically shortens project timelines by eliminating gaps in execution

Provides real- time project management information

Ensures high priority tasks are worked first

Reduces rework by ensuring tasks are performed with the right data

Provides traceability and accountability

Produces superior and more flexible reusable project plans

Key Features

Intuitive, graphical environment enables rapid, collaborative process capture and execution Smart Task Kits present process participants with everything needed for the job at hand Nested processes improve understanding, navigation, and accountability Data automatically routed and external applications launched according to the process models Process status automatically tracked at the individual, team and project levels