Pacific ESI - VisualDSS


VisualDSS is an End-to-End Decision Support System for CAE.

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Manufacturers widely resort to Simulation-Based Design to gain a competitive edge in product development.

With VisualDSS, ESI delivers the most advanced End-to-End Decision Support solution to further leverage enterprise best practices and increase the value of simulation.

VisualDSS is an open environment enabling you to:

* Build and manage simulation models for multi-domain usage * Automate project workflow * Manage simulation content and data

A tremendous gain in productivity!

By taking advantage of best-in-class simulation solutions within a highly integrated unified simulation environment, VisualDSS simply leverages customers' best corporate assets: engineering expertise and simulation technology.

Every day across the extended enterprise, VisualDSS makes the best out of engineering talents by controlling, organizing and managing interactively produced intellectual property.

VisualDSS, by optimizing these assets, helps enterprises deliver the best product at the best cost with a shorter time-to-market.

Multi-Domain Compute Models Management

VisualDSS capabilities include unique and patented ways of building and maintaining the two-directional link between CAD data stored in PLM systems and simulation domains. It allows you to transfer design and engineering specifications to the extended multi-domain team, while tracing data throughout the development process and more.

Project Workflow Management

VisualDSS improves your business productivity and allows engineers to automate repetitive and cumbersome tasks in your Simulation-Based Design process. It allows you to capitalize, share and deploy your best practices within your extended ecosystem, thanks to common multi-domain compute models and a solution open to third party applications.

Simulation Content & Data Management

VisualDSS features also a data persistency environment, which gathers simulation data from the different applications used in the entire simulation lifecycle. It allows you to capture, store and reuse the enterprise knowledge and best practices. Based on IBM DB2 Content Manager Technology - which has years of business proven technical and security features - VisualDSS Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows flexible enterprise deployment, by integrating easily within your IT and data architecture. It can be linked easily to standard or corporate databases, as well as PLM systems.

Decision Support & Reporting

VisualDSS brings together the expertise scattered within your teams and the power of simulation and IT infrastructure so that you can make the best decisions with a maximum of knowledge, flexibility and responsiveness. VisualDSS offers a scalable solution which addresses workgroups in small, medium or large companies.